Traffic and occupational safety

See the Port of Turku’s guidelines and instructions for safe working and moving in the port area.

Safety clothing

According to regulations on occupational safety, a CE-marked highly visible, fluorescent vest or other similar clothing shall be worn when moving outside the vehicle in the port area.

Traffic safety

Normal traffic rules and signs shall be followed in the port area. Driving is only permitted on marked routes. It is prohibited to drive a vehicle in container and quay areas unless specifically required by the assignment. The highest permitted speed is 40 km/h, and 20 km/h in gate areas.

Vehicles may not enter the port facility to wait for cargo, and the port facility may not be used as a waiting area. The waiting areas are located outside the port area: map.

Ice must be removed from the top of the container or trailer on a site specifically intended for that purpose. There is a cargo scale subject to a charge in the port area for weighing the cargo.


If the user of the port causes damage to the port’s quays or other equipment, he/she must immediately notify the Port Control thereof. The Port will then draw up a damage inspection report and arrange a damage assessment occasion to which the person having caused the damage or his/her agent is invited.

Hot work

Hot work carried out in the port area is always subject to a permit. Performing hot work at a temporary hot work site requires a hot work safety certificate (personal hot work card).