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The Port of Turku is a modern logistics service centre and an important link in the European transport system. Efficient port services are complemented by the terminal, distribution and goods handling services provided by our partners operating in the area. Excellent connections have made the Port of Turku the leading distribution hub for Scandinavian transports in Finland where sea and land transports are combined into cost-efficient multi-modal transport chains.

Port of Turku

Port of Turku as a whole


Water areas: 1,045 ha
Land areas: 225 ha
Main channel: 10 m depth
Pansio channel: 9 m depth
Railways: 18.5 km
Quay length: 5 km
Ro-ro berths: 11 pcs


West Harbour:
40/48 t gantry crane 1 pc
35/46 t multi-function crane  1 pc
10/60 t knuckleboom crane 1 pc


Turku – Rauma 92 km
Turku – Pori 138 km
Turku – Hämeenlinna 141 km
Turku – Tampere 57 km
Turku – Helsinki 165 km
Turku – Lahti 212 km
Turku – Jyväskylä 304 km
Turku – Vaasa 331 km
Turku – St.Petersburg 580 km
Turku – Oulu 620 km
Turku – Moscow 1,266 km