Tourism and trade

The Port of Turku has a great impact on the city’s attractiveness to tourists. The Port strengthens Turku’s maritime image and is the first to welcome the tourists arriving via Scandinavia.

Tourists increase the demand in retail trade 

Nearly four million passengers travel through the Port annually. The number of passengers has a positive effect on the operations of local service sector companies, such as hotels, restaurants and shops. By visiting museums, exhibitions and other sights the tourists help to support and maintain their operating prerequisites and development potential.

More than 9,000 passengers pass daily through the Port, bringing purchasing power to Turku and making the city better known in their home region.

Thanks to the co-operation of the Port of Turku, shipping companies, the City of Turku, Visit Turku and other tourism service providers the Port’s passenger traffic is expected to continue developing in the future. Regarding the Port’s own operations, it means measures that make departing from and arriving in Turku even easier, faster and more convenient.

Tourism and trade - Turku market hall