Environmental work

The Port of Turku works actively to reduce the environmental impacts of the port operations. The operations are guided by a certified environmental programme.

Cleaner maritime traffic as a goal

The location of the Port of Turku at the heart of the sensitive nature of the Baltic Sea requires continuous follow-up of environmental impacts and prevention of adverse effects. Individual measures for improving the Port’s environmental issues and minimising the environmental impacts are determined in the Port’s environmental programme. In addition, the Port draws up annually an environmental report which collects the measures and follow-up implemented during the year.

The Port of Turku is a pioneer in the environmental aspects of seafaring. We work actively for the Baltic Sea and the archipelago nature.

In order to decrease the environmental impacts of maritime traffic the Port of Turku collaborates e.g. with the maritime cluster and numerous stakeholders. To improve the state of the Baltic Sea, the Port of Turku also participates in the Baltic Sea initiative started by the Cities of Turku and Helsinki. The core of the initiative is formed by the concrete water protection measures in the operations of the involved organisations which exceed the minimum requirements of legislation. At the same time the port enterprise has considerably improved the energy-efficiency of its own operations and reduced the environmental impacts of port operations in terms of e.g. emissions into air and noise.

Environmental work - Port of Turku