Development of the area

The Port of Turku is a part of the development corridor in the city-centre and holds the biggest potential for developing the urban living and compacting the urban structure to fulfil today’s requirements. Located next to the Port, Linnakaupunki district is planned as a residential area for more than 10,000 people and a major cluster of jobs and services.

Co-operation for the common good

The building of Linnakaupunki is planned in co-operation with the city planners so that the port operations will be naturally linked to the renewing structure of the rest of the area. The expectations and wishes of both inhabitants of the district and the businesses will be taken into account in drawing up the development plans.

The Port and Turku are developed in tandem, taking the wishes and needs of the inhabitants of the city into account.

Development of the area - Port of Turku

The development of the inner harbour will continue as part of the Port’s core operations and the passenger operations will be structurally and functionally connected to the new structure of the rest of the area. Regarding cargo transports, the Port of Turku’s focus lies in minimising the environmental impacts of the operations and guiding heavy traffic out of the port smoothly and without traffic jams past the urban residential areas.