Turku aerial photo

Port and Turku A genuine port city

Turku and its Port share history, present day and future. Today, it is impossible to think of Turku without a harbour that still acts as Finland’s gateway to the west for trade, tourism and culture. As part of the maritime cluster of Southwest Finland, the Port of Turku is also an important source of vitality for the whole of the Turku region.

Turku is a genuine and lively port city

The City and the Port of Turku have grown and developed together for centuries. The Port of Turku still generates considerable added value for the City, the local businesses, and the inhabitants. Through co-operation and interaction with different parties the Port of Turku ensures the development of its own operations in a responsible manner and with attention to the principles of sustainable development.

The port is important toTurku also in the future

The port strengthens Turku’s maritime image and is a major attraction factor to the city. A hub for sea transport and included in the European Union’s TEN-T core network, the port boosts Turku’s position in the logistics of Finland’s foreign trade, bringing new businesses and jobs to the city. As a result of co-operation between the port and the city new seaside residential areas will arise in the vicinity of the port connecting the port closer with the city centre and opening up new opportunities for people interested in urban living.

The link between the Port and the City is strong and durable.”

Long-term urban planning ensures that a vital port will be a living part of the City of Turku in the future, too. While planning and implementing new buildings, their impacts to the Port’s operations and development will be taken into account.