Turku as a cruise destination

Turku is a fascinating place to visit also for the shipping companies that run cruise business in the Baltic Sea. The vistas of the unique archipelago route alone are a great experience, and Finland’s oldest city offers plenty of things to see and do.

Many things to see and experience

All key sights are located close to each other, so it is easy to see many interesting places on a tour. Over 700 years old, the Turku Castle is right next to the Port, and maritime centre Forum Marinum can be found just a few hundred metres away. Other sights and the diverse local services can be reached even on foot by following the streets along the River Aura which are bustling with life.

A voyage through the most beautiful archipelago in the world is unforgettable even for experienced cruise passengers.

The City of Turku’s tourist office Visit Turku arranges different group excursios for cruise passengers both to urban destinations and the archipelago. In addition to tour packages, Visit Turku can also tailor on order individual programme as per the wishes of the cruise organisers.