Crane services

Crane services in the Port of Turku have been transferred to a new owner, Turku Stevedoring Oy, as of March 1, 2021.

The capacity and functions of the cranes enable efficient and safe lifting. Products which can be handled are for example containers, boats, project cargo and steel products.

Price inquiries:
Kimmo Iljin / tel. +358 400 820 118

Crane orders:
Orders must be made the previous working day at 2.00 pm latest. / tel. +358 400 858 096

Port of Turku’s cranes

West Harbour:

1 pc 10/60 t knuckleboom crane (quays 35-36)
1 pc 35/46 t multi-function crane (quays 38-40)
1 pc 40/48 t gantry crane (quays 39-41)