Access control

Moving in the port area is only permitted with an access pass granted by the Port of Turku or a party authorised by it. Persons entering or moving in the port area must be prepared to prove their identity when asked.

Access passes arranged already before arrival

A pass can be issued to persons who are employed in the port or regularly use the port services by their employer or the company to or from which cargo is carried. Each customer and vehicle is the responsibility of the operating company when moving in the port area. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for the passengers entering the area in the vehicle.

The driver of a vehicle shall see to it that the license plate number of the vehicle has been reported to the Port’s access control system beforehand. The vehicle is identified automatically at the gate either from the license plate number or a remote identifier attached to the windscreen. Unauthorised vehicles are not permitted to access the port area.

Access control - Port of Turku